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Custom Adhesive Products From Flowstrip® Limited

Our Bespoke Services

Using over 50 years of combined technical knowledge of technical adhesive tapes and a high standard of coating machinery we can bespoke materials to suit your application. Services such as this are reason to why we have become one of the leading adhesive tape manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

Whilst our range is extensive we do have the ability to manufacture bespoke products or tweak existing products to meet our customers specific requirements. Almost all our duct tape, gaffer tape and electrical tape products can have bespoke specification to meet our customer's needs.

We understand that there are opportunities to solve customer problems and we remain flexible to extend our standard range of products to meet our customer demands.

Changes in adhesive and modifying adhesives can create a variation of results from peel adhesion; shear adhesion, temperature resistance and removability. The knowledge of how adjustments can be made to suit an application is key along with the ability to formulate and test.

+ Bespoke products through strict confidentiality agreements (coat weight, carrier, adhesive)
+ Any width from 3mm through to 1200mm on most products
+ Most materials can be die cut in to any shape or size
+ Lamination facilities
+ Product Branding

Custom Lengths 

There are requirements for specific lengths of material for many reasons including DIY size rolls, improvements on production productivity or if a product is supplied in kits with a specific requirement of tape. At Flowstrip we can cater for all requirements and welcome the opportunity to produce bespoke products.

Although volumes are key to manufacturing custom products to realise an effective pricing structure we try to remain as flexible as possible for all enquiries. Our winders also include the facility to add a paper backing to most of our materials.

Custom Widths

Once we have established the correct length whether a standard or not we can then bespoke the width for your needs. On most products we can produce anything form 3mm wide through to 1250mm wide with a tolerance between 3/4mm up to 2mm depending on the width required.

Continuous investment in machinery and long standing production staff ensure that the quality of all our conversion is second to none.

Die Cuts Shapes

If your application requires the material to be a specific shape or size we can accommodate for this. This is an extremely common practice for the automotive, furniture manufacturing and electronics industries.

Once die cut to your specific requirements we can supply material on a roll for ease of application, with or without the surrounding waste of simple single pieces bulk packed.

Lamination of Materials

We have enjoyed many aspects of working closely with our customers and found over the years people were asking to laminate our material to their substrates. This used our experience of materials and knowledge of how tension and machine speed affects the overall quality of lamination to make sure the best application procedures are followed.

Product Branding

Flowstrip limited has always been involved in the development, production and marketing of specialist adhesive tapes in the retail market sector. We have traditionally not been recognised for work we have done to further develop industries and applications due to our confidentiality agreements and the own branding of products supplied through our distributors.

Our in house branding facilities include options to shrink wrap, pleat wrap, branded cores, printed started and end tabs, presentation boxes, retail packs, printed cartons and individually boxed product.

All this along with help for your designs from years of experience in the marking and promotion of specialist adhesive tapes and a continuous development program to keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Our dedication to the industry, furthering adhesive design and performance has led to us gaining attention from world leading brands such as 3M. As of which we also now stock and trade 3M tape and foams.

To speak to us about our bespoke service and how we could help you please visit our contacts page by Clicking Here.

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