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Low Tack Protection Tape

Low Tack PE Protection Tape

This material is a low tack polyethylene protection tape coated with a medium low tack removable adhesive system. This product is recommended for protecting sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage during processing, storage and mounting e.g. painted metals, plastic sheets & glass.


For optimum adhesion with this protective film, ensure your surface is clean and free from dirt, dust or excess residues such as, oil grease and solvents.


Our protective films are specially designed to lengthen product life and preserve delicate items during long storage periods.


This protective tape is especially useful for temporarily protecting products during assembly or shipping.


Flowstrip’s protection tape is an ideal solution for delivering high quality products. This must have protective tape is also exceptionally good value allowing you to save money and increase your competitive advantage by delivering a better service.


It only takes a small scratch or mark to completely ruin your product. With protective film you can rest assure that all your products will stay in pristine condition during the assembly and transportation process.  


The low tack protection tape has an excellent chemical resistance that will protect your products against fumes which can often cause discolouration. Unlike other tapes the low tack protective film is quick and easy to apply and remove and has a 35 micron thickness for ultimate protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and easy application
  • Low tack removeable adhesive system
  • Available in blue and clear
  • Forms a tough, durable barrier
Product Code Description
FL135 Low Tack PE Protection Tape
Colour Adhesive Thickness Temperature
Blue & Clear Acrylic 35 Micron

Extra Information

We also offer bespoke, made to measure protective film.